Advantages & Disadvantages of Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure for Banks

By Robert P. Bayer, MBA & CPA Among several possible remedies a bank may employ in dealing with delinquent loans and the assets that collateralize them is the “deed-in-lieu of foreclosure.” A deed in lieu transaction is a conveyance of the title of the collateralized asset by the borrower to the lender, whereby the lender [...]

Advantages of a Court-Appointed Receivership for Banks to Handle Troubled Loans

By Robert P. Bayer Banks have several remedies in dealing with both the loans that are delinquent and the assets that have been put up as collateral for these loans. Among these remedies are: 1. Deeds in lieu of foreclosure. This is a transaction whereby the borrower exchanges the deed of the loan collateral (commercial [...]

Troubled Assets by Robert Bayer

On August 11, 2009 the Congressional Oversight Panel issued a report titled “The Continued Risk of Troubled Assets.” What is a troubled asset, also known as a toxic asset? The Panel defines a troubled asset as “a loan or security whose original credit risk assumptions have come into question.” In basic terms, this means the [...]

Story in Finance and Commerce

Special Asset Solutions got a nice write up in Finance and Commerce newspaper. Front page of the actual paper as well as the website. [SAS Article on Finance and Commerce]

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