Posted by admin | | Wednesday 26 August 2009 5:03 pm

Coldwell Banker Commercial Griffin Companies’ value lies in knowing where the potential exists, how best to articulate the potential, and creating competition between highly motivated equity investors. The creation of value for our clients occurs at all levels of the process.

Strategic Research
Uncovering hidden value through solid, fundamental research and
analysis, entrepreneurial vision and articulation of in place value and upside potential.

Comprehensive Offering Materials
Realizing potential value begins with presenting the real estate story through comprehensive, high quality offering materials. Knowing where the potential lies and how best to articulate it.

Market Momentum & Penetration
Elevating demand comes from identifying uniquely motivated
investors and leading them to the negotiation table.

Compelling the investor in the atmosphere of the competitive process.

Structuring & Execution
Conversion of the property’s maximum value into cash.

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